About me

I do like my life to be colorful, active and with a lot of interesting challenges.

In the past I have noticed that in order to live this kind of life energetically and to the full, I need to be healthy.

What health means, is different for every individual person. Trying to copy what worked for other people is rarely the solution. We are all beautifully different in regard of genetics and what our body experienced in the past.

To understand this in detail, I chose to study Nutritional Therapy at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in Richmond, UK a few years ago. After four years of studying and graduating with a diploma in nutritional therapy, I added another course in integrative sports nutrition. My interest in an active and colorful life led me to specialize in nutritional support for athletes and all kinds of performers and artists.

I am looking forward to supporting you in achieving your dreams with strength and health!