Health nurtures Performance

Personalized Nutrition and Health Coaching for Athletes, Dancers and Performers

You are an athlete or performer who is passionate about what you are doing. Going all in is your default setting. No compromises. And you know that health is a very important ingredient to achieving your goals and keep on doing what you love. For a long time.

You are interested in health, read a lot and listen to tips and tricks of your peers. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they work "kind of".

Some of this might sound familiar:

  • Eating healthily. But the energy is still missing. Or the weight is not coming off or on.
  • Sleeping enough. But you are still tired when waking up.
  • Pushing like mad during the training. But the outcome doesn't get better for the amount you are putting in.
  • Every bug that makes the rounds feels the need to visit you.

Here is where I come in. Very close to what functional medicine is doing, looking at the root cause of things, we will evaluate your current and past health issues together. We look at your digestion, detoxification, nervous system and so on, to see which areas need the support.

I will support you in tweaking your health regime and then go the extra mile for increasing your performance.
Because long time performance needs health as a base. So you can live your potential.

Lindsey Mackail's Testimonial Image

"Working with Aila Kick has been an amazing experience! Her hands-on approach, experience, and individual evaluations are what sets her apart from the rest and allows the real change to happen. She created a meal plan designed specifically for me and my body in order to maintain the lifestyle and career I have as a professional dancer and performer. Her work taught me how to take care of my body's needs by nourishing it with the proper foods and supplements allowing it to function at its highest capacity. After incorporating her program, I felt a difference in my sleep, my energy levels, and my overall body functions. I'm so thankful for her help and I highly recommend Aila Kick!"

Lindsey Mackail Dancer & Dance Instructor, Choreographer and Performer, Florida, USA